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Camel Pose

By bending back to camel position, bump up your energy. Step-by-Step Instructions for Camel Pose: Step 1 Kneel on the ground perpendicular to the ground with hip width of knees and hips. Turn your legs a little inward, narrow your hip points, and settle down, but do not harden your buttocks. Imagine your sitting bones drawing into your torso. Stay as smooth as possible […]


Why Isn’t Yoga Covered By Health Insurance?

We spoke with John Kepner, government director of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT), and Courtney Butler-Robinson, stress management specialist and yoga therapist for the Dean Ornish Reversal Clinic at Saline Heart Group in Benton, Arkansas, to find out why yoga therapy is largely uncovered by health insurance companies. Dean Ornish, MD, made headlines […]